Core Customer Experience Problem:

Inconsistent and/or negative customer touchpoints inhibit the ability to get and keep desired customers and employees, negatively impacting financial metrics.

We solve this problem.

Typical Initial Engagements:

For information on the type of engagements clients typically start with, click here.



Get & Keep More Customers, Touchpoint by Touchpoint, foreword by renowned thought-leaders Peppers & Rogers. This “how to” book is set to revolutionize how organizations approach and benefit from Customer Experience Management. Click the cover for more information in a new window.

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Each interaction – communication, physical, human and sensory – with and within your organization. Source: Hank Brigman, President and the first to define touchpoint on Wikipedia
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Resources to aid your Customer Experience Management Understanding and Efforts


Click the images or video titles below to view Hank Brigman's Video TOUCHPOiNTER Series of the ten basic questions he receives on Customer Experience Management (CEM) and touchpoints. Subscribe to receive the TOUCHPOiNTER eNewsletter in the form at the bottom.


Video TOUCHPOiNTER Series-Introduction to the Series and CEM Foundations
In viewing this 8:52 video you will gain a deeper understanding of:

  • A customer experience language hierarchy
  • The benefits of improving customer experiences and customer touchpoints
  • Why you should listen to me and watch all 10 videos


Video TOUCHPOiNTER Q 1:What’s The Core Customer Experience Problem?
In viewing this 3:23 video you will:

  • Hear the survey question that uncovered the core experience problem
  • Learn the Core Customer Experience Problem that must be solved to improve customer experiences

Video TOUCHPOiNTER Q 2: What’s the Solution to the Core Experience Problem?
In viewing this 6:05 video you will:

  • Gain insights into two journeys that create critical assets
  • Learn the four company activities that perpetuate the Core Experience Problem
  • Learn the solution to the Core Experience Problem

Bonus: in this TOUCHPOiNTER you will also hear a “best practice” to help your organization’s Customer Experience Management efforts


3a  Video TOUCHPOiNTER Q 3: What are the Three Competencies that Build Customer-Centricity?
In viewing this 7:24 video you will:
  • Learn Hank’s definition of Customer Experience Management
  • Learn The Three Customer-Centricity Competencies™
  • Get a quick dive into each of the Three Competencies
  • Gain a better understanding of the hierarchy of Valued Touchpoints™
  • Learn the value chain that results from building the Three Competencies

Video TOUCHPOiNTER Q 4: How Do I Build a Compelling Experience Strategy?
In viewing this 5:15 video you will learn:

  • More about the three components of a compelling Experience Strategy: objective, positioning and living
  • What the Experience Strategy objective needs to relate to
  • The importance of creating an Experience Position
  • Why your Experience Position should align with the position of your product/service
  • A great example of a company that "lives" its Experience Strategy

Video TOUCHPOiNTER Q 5: What's the Missing Structure?
In viewing this 4:56 video you will learn:

  • The structure used to create standardized customer touchpoints
  • The importance of mapping touchpoints to deliver value to internal and external customers
  • Four qualities of a Valued TouchpointTM
  • How you can transform your customer experience current state into a new desired state



Video TOUCHPOiNTER Q 6: What is the Implementation Model?
In viewing this 8:12 video you will learn:

  • A way to discover patterns to help focus your company's CE efforts
  • Why identifying goals is critical to customizing your Customer Experience Management (CEM)
  • Sequence—whether to implement a fact based or speed based Experience strategy
  • Success—how to choose a method to measure your CEM results



Video TOUCHPOiNTER Q 7 OF 10: How Do I Conduct a Mapping Workshop?
In viewing this 8:08 video you will learn:

  • The six mapping steps
  • The questions to use to evaluate each touchpoint
  • The two outputs for each touchpoint
  • The four workshop roles



Video TOUCHPOiNTER Q 8: What are the Five Organizational Success Factors?
In viewing this 6:24 you will gain a deeper understanding of each of these success factors::

  • Independence
  • Support
  • Resources
  • Expertise roles
  • Political acumen



Video TOUCHPOiNTER Q 9: How Do I Develop a Customer Council?
In viewing this 8:19 video you will learn:

  • Who to involve
  • Key agenda items
  • How often to meet and where to meet



Video TOUCHPOiNTER Q 10: Where Do I Start – How Do I Put It All Together?
In viewing this 6:43 video you will learn:

  • The touchpoint problem and value chains
  • The two areas to focus your initial customer experience efforts including two considerations for choosing the first customer experience to map

Click on the titles to view your resources of choice.  To stay on top of the resources developed by Hank Brigman, sign up for his "Touchpointer" newsletter.


RoundedPhotoHB  Hank Brigman Bio: One-page summary of William Henry "Hank" Brigman's carreer.

RoundedPDF  Hank Brigman One Sheet:  Need a dynamic customer experience speaker for your next event?



VideoLinkImage   Hank Brigman Touchpoint Guru Welcome Video

Time 4:23
Time 9:13
RoundedPDF Doc #020 Touchpoint Form soon to be added
RoundedPDF Doc #021 Brigman’s Touchpoint Naming Convention™ soon to be added
RoundedPDF Doc #520 20 Questions of a Valued Touchpoint Workshop
Following these 20 questions will produce the desired Workshop
RoundedPDF Doc #022 Valued Touchpoint Workshop Process and Decision Flows
The primary flow and decision tree – especially relevant for large organizations.
RoundedPDF Doc #023 Valued Touchpoint Workshop Charter Template
One-page charter template for capturing important and guiding information for a Workshop.
RoundedPDF Doc #024 Valued Touchpoint Workshop Output Form
A sample form to capture Workshop output, and if applicable, present the output to a governance level for their response.
RoundedPDF Doc #040 Macro Metrics soon to be added
Summary of several common macro customer relationship metrics.
RoundedPDF Doc #060 CEM Introduction Deck soon to be added
An executive summary introduction to CEM foundations, concepts and benefits.
RoundedPDF Doc #061 Hierarchy and definitions of key CEM terms
It is important to speak the same customer experience language.  This is a hierarchy of key terms.  Download a complete CEM eDictionary below.
RoundedPDF Doc #560 CEM eDictionary
Complimentary eDictionary of terms used in TOUCHPOiNT POWER!
RoundedPDF Doc #500 Brigman’s CX Correlation Formula
An original formula correlating results of “likelihood to recommend” question to top line revenue.
RoundedPDF Doc #510 Customer Council Charter Template
Use this example to build your own template.
RoundedPDF Quiz: Is Your Organization a Customer Experience Visionary?
How much do you know about your company's Customer Experience expertise? Download and complete the quiz below to get a professional analysis.

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