Core Customer Experience Problem:

Inconsistent and/or negative customer touchpoints inhibit the ability to get and keep desired customers and employees, negatively impacting financial metrics.

We solve this problem.

Typical Initial Engagements:

For information on the type of engagements clients typically start with, click here.



Get & Keep More Customers, Touchpoint by Touchpoint, foreword by renowned thought-leaders Peppers & Rogers. This “how to” book is set to revolutionize how organizations approach and benefit from Customer Experience Management. Click the cover for more information in a new window.

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Each interaction – communication, physical, human and sensory – with and within your organization. Source: Hank Brigman, President and the first to define touchpoint on Wikipedia
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Great results, fast!

We are passionate about helping organizations reap the substantial benefits of greater customer-centricity – and doing so with a sense of urgency. We can work with you to execute any or all four steps of our model.


Assess. Our Customer-Centricity Audit covers a quick status assessment of:
  • Opportunities along your customers’ journey
  • 4 components of an Experience Strategy
  • 3 competencies of customer-centricity
  • 4 critical implementation questions (4 S’s)
  • 5 organizational success factors

Typical time: About 3 days. Yes, we work fast. The goal here is to achieve a basic understanding on which to build a comprehensive plan – the plan will detail deeper dives into assessment areas of need.

Click to see more detail on how our Customer-Centricity Audit engagement can help you better understand your current state, the benefits of Customer Experience Management and where to quickly take beneficial action.

Plan. Based on Assessment results, we develop a comprehensive Customer Experience Management (CEM) Plan. The CEM Plan covers building a compelling Experience Strategy (if needed) and the 3 competencies of customer-centricity. Typical Plan development time: About four – six weeks. Click here to see details on how our Developing a Comprehensive CEM Plan and Defining a Compelling Experience Strategy engagements can set you on a path to differentiate and build a competitive advantage.

Operationalize. All levels of the organization will be engaged and aligned in achieving the Experience Strategy through building the three competencies of customer-centric organizations – Identity, Intelligence and Consistency – including the missing structure needed to consistently develop and deliver great touchpoints. Time varies for this step as we help you build the strategy and competencies that will long outlast our involvement. The focus is to differentiate and build a competitive advantage.

Measure. From macro metrics covering the health of customer relationships and internal teamwork, to their drivers, to correlations to financial metrics, we will help you design and implement metrics to measure the success of your efforts to achieve your Experience Strategy. We will then help you integrate this Intelligence into immediate action, long-term planning, and relevant dashboard(s). Time varies.

We typically work on Plan, Operationalize, and Measure concurrently and immediately after the three day Assessment. We recognize that there is probably low hanging fruit (underperforming touchpoints identified from the customer journey assessment) that if improved, can deliver immediate benefits. So why wait?

Yes, we actually get our hands dirty and help implement – and we love it

That’s right, we are a rare breed – a consultancy that gets down and dirty and helps you implement the compelling Experience Strategy we help you develop (if needed). In fact, we have methodologies and tools to help your organization identify, design, develop, deliver and measure great touchpoints across each and every customer experience – and to do so in perpetuity.

Our approach is organic – engaging the organization and ensuring employee buy-in and maximum success. A more thorough overview of our model looks like this:



To better understand what you will experience and achieve working with us, please see Your Experience.

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